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Kayven Riese
   San Jose, CA 95122    (415) 902-5513    kayvey@gmail.com

San Francisco State University, Computer Science Department,    Master's Degree August 2011
Created a visualization system with UniProt data for input and output command line details as well as Cairo Graphics generated image files for output called ProMog (Protein deMographics). Obtain full details by downloading tar archive extractable using UNIX-like operating systems with "tar vxfz promog.tgz" command. Work was performance tested on the Gentoo, CentOS, and Ubuntu Linux distributions.

City College of San Francisco, 1998-2000,2001-2003.
- Object Orient Design: Intermediate C++, Data Structures, Windows Application Design (MFC); JAVA programming.
- RDBMS: Microcomputer DB, Network DB.
- OPEN/UNIX: shell script, Perl programming, System Administration and Programming.
- Microsoft LAN.

University of Southern California, Department of Physiology and Biophysics
Master's Degree, 1995-1997.
Conducted diabetes research on a SUN SPARCstation IPX computer. Interfaced with a program called SYNTAX that modeled metabolic pathways. Also performed assays using sterile cell culture technique: Immunoprecipitation and Western blot.

University of California at Berkeley, Molecular Cell Neurobiology 1991-1993.
Neuroanatomy, histology, genetics, physiology (with computer simulation laboratory), immunology, neurochemistry, neurobiology, cell biology, organic and biophysical chemistry.
Biochemistry (year lecture) and laboratory with the following techniques:
Spectrophotometric enzyme assay with Lineweaver-Burk analysis; UV, Lowry, and Bradford protein assays; PAGE & SDS-PAGE electrophoresis (including Southern and Western Blot); volumetric estimation of molecular weight; protein purification with amonium sulfate and affinity chromatography; Salmonella typhimurium LT2 auxotrophic genetic assay; F' plasmid conjugation and phage vector transduction; deletion mapping; Ames test (under Dr. Ames); DNA purification and quantification; PCR; 32Pi hexokinase radiotracer assay.

University of Wisconsin at Madison, Departments of Math and Computer Science
Bachelor of Science (two full majors),
Database programming; combinatorics; topology; software architecture; complex and differential equations; theoretical computer science; artificial intelligence; organic chemistry w/ NMR spectroscopy; simplex method; machine language (HP9000/300 and VAX 11/780); abstract algebra, calculus and logic; data structures; computer operating systems; and statics.

University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Basic Science for Pre-Engineering, 1984-1985.
Economics, calculus, chemistry, and physics, FORTRAN programming.


Chess Yoga ( www.chessyoga.org ) 2004-present
      Created, edited, and uploaded to webserver various HTML, jpeg image files, MS Word documents, and JavaScript files under the direction of Rico Adkins, CEO to keep the website abreast of current activities and results of scholastic chess tournaments.

San Leandro Unified School District Substitute Teacher 2011-2012
      Served as a replacement for absent teachers at the Elementary, Middle School, and High School levels. Various subjects were taught.

Oakland Unified School District Substitute Teacher 2006-2007
      Served as a replacement for absent teachers at the Middle School and High School levels. Various subjects were taught.

San Francisco State University Disability Programs & Resource Center Student Assistant and Tutor, 2004-2005
Attended class with disabled students to aid them with various tasks such as notetaking.

University of California, San Francisco, Department of Ophthalmology
Project Assistant. Richard B Crook, Ph.D.i Pharmacology and Physiology Lab, 1994-1995 2000-2003
     Performed cell assay and maintained lab. Utilized pipettemen, balances, cell incubator, scintillation counter, spectrophotometer, Nikon microphotometric system, gamma counter, serological pipettes, multiwell plates. Retrieved media from Cell Culture Facility and ordered supplies. Performed Western blot and a modified Lowry protein assay in the method of Peterson (Anal. Bioch. 83, 346 (1977)). Utilized online medical databases MedLine and PubMed, prepared result presentations with Lotus spreadsheets and SigmaPlot graphical presentation, and utilized MS Word and WordPerfect for documentation of laboratory log book.

San Francisco Unified School District Substitute Teacher 2000-2001
McAteer HS 9th grade integrated mathematics and Advanced Algebra 10th-12th grades:
      Extended substitute role; wrote quiz and test; designed MS Excel learning activity; gave quarter grades. San Francisco School Volunteers: Mission HS 9th grade general science and 12th grade health class.

St. Luke's Monteagle Medical Center Nancy Bohannon, M.D. 1999
Installed Windows 98 software, prepared medical presentations. Maintained contact information database.

Acacia Biosystems, Inc. 1998.
Implemented VB software to enable folder segmentation of Mulitmek scripts and 1536 colony omnitray no grow nomenclature facilitation utilizing LAN. Operated Multimek automated pipetter and Carl Creative plate stacker robots that required VB interface.

Biocircuits Corporation Technical Adminsitrator. Burlingame, CA. 1992. Hans Ribi.
Organized biotechnological literature for scientific vice-president.

Waisman Center Laboratory Assitant. University of Wisconsin at Madison Medical School. 1989.
High theoretical plate basic cleansing of glassware was performed, followed by autoclaving and high temperature baking to ensure that equipment was nucleic acid-free as well as sterile. Prepared solutions.

Computer Systems

Languages, software, and operating systems:
Bioinformatics: BLAST, NCBI, SRS, PubMed, KEGG, UniProt.
RDBMS/DB: Oracle, MS Access, SQL, Quanta, Excel, UniProt, MySQL, SAS, Lotus, PL/SQL.
OOP/PL: VB, JAVA, C/C++, bash, ksh, FORTRAN, Pascall, Basic, AWK, LISP, OPS-5, MFC.
Assembly Languages/OS: VAX11/780 and HP9000/300; X, Ubuntu, CentOS, Gentoo, FreeBSD, Windows NT, EVAX, linux, HPUX, AIX, MS-DOS, Windows 3.11/9x/XP.
Internet/Intranet: HTML, CSS, XML, Perl/CGI/CPAN, Pine, LAN, cc: email, FTP, kermit.
Office/Presentation: MS Word, Open/Libre Office Suite, GIMP, Corel Draw, SigmaPlot, and Stella.
Robotics: Hamilton and Bechman Multimek 96 pin pipette automation; Carl Creative plate stacker.

Riese K.
Evidence-Derived Proteome-Wide Subcellular Location - A Basis Partitioning for Classification Systems. San Francisco State University Master's Thesis; (August 2011). http://kayve.net/promog.tgz
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Riese K, Cohen DM, and Bergman RN.
Stochastic properties of metabolites are dependent upon their own concentrations and enzymatic rates but not upon those of other metabolites, as calculated by SYNTAX. 11(3):A602 (Feb 1997).
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Adrenergic stimulation of Na+, K+, Cl- cotransport in fetal NPE cells. Protein phosphatases regulate Na+, K+, Cl- cotransport in fetal human NPE cells. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 36:S216 (1995).