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San Francisco State University ,   Department of Computer Science ,   Master's Degree, Graduation: August 2011
Created a visualization system utilizing UniProt Knowledgebase Swiss-Prot high quality manually annotated and non-redundant protein sequence database in text based data format for input and produced images using Cairo Graphics, which is an open source software written in C available to be redistributed under LGPL and MPL. Notably, Cairo is also used by GTK+. The work was called ProMog, an anagram for "Protein deMographics," because proteins were separated into four demographic groups, following medical literature, namely, nuclear, cytoplasmic, membrane, and extracellular. A tarball containing documentation, example run output, the source code, the thesis defense Open Office Impress pdf, and full write up pdf, a Makefile that simplifies build of the project on UNIX-like operating systems, and various performance studies is available for download here. Extract the file with the command "tar vxfz promog.tgz" on any UNIX-like command line. The software was performance tested on three Linux distributions, namely Gentoo, Ubuntu, and CentOS. Enrolled in two graduate level courses outside the computer science department, 1) Physical Oceanography and 2) Proteomic Techniques.

City College of San Francisco Computers and Infomation Systems 1998-2000
Object Oriented Design
RDBS Programming
UNIX/Open Systems
Windows Programming (MFC)
Data Structures (MSVC++)
Steve Abensohn
JAVA Programming
Intermediate C++(MSVC++)
Bary Pollack
MicroDB (MS Access/SQL)
NetDB (UNIX: Oracle, PL/SQL)
Visual Basic
shell script
Sys admin w/ c (3 courses)

University of Southern California Department of Physiology and Biophysics Master's Degree, 1995-1997
Conducted diabetes research on a SUN SPARCstation IPX computer, UNIX based. Used double log regression transform to assess [asp] SD theories. Downloaded AWK reformats to FaxWorks for Windows 3.11. Programmed Lotus123R5 and SignmaPlot statistical analysis and transformations. Pentose phosphate cycle project. UNIX/C language simulations of excitable membranes were implemented using the SUN SPARCstation.
Immunoprecipitation and Western blot of IR transduction factor IRS-1 and IP-3 kinase from insulin receptor transfected rat hepatoma. Normalized data with automated UV protein assay. Sterile mammalian cell culture technique. Assayed insulin receptor levels with gamma counter.
Biostatistics course employing statistical software and ANOVA.

University of California at Berkeley, Department of Molecular Cell Biology 1991-1993
Engaged in an independently designed, nonmatriculated course of study through the Concurrent Enrollment program that basically fulfilled a major program with an emphasis in molecular neurobiochemistry. This program included: Neuroanatomy, histophysiology, genetics, physiology (computer simluation laboratory), immunology, neurochemistry, neurobiology, cell biology, organic (112B) and biophysical chemistry.
Biochemistry (year lecture) and laboratory with the following techniques:
Spectrophotometric enzyme assay w/ Lineweaver-Burk analysis: UV, Lowry, and Bradford protein assays; PAGE & SDS-PAGE electrophoresis (incl. Southern & Western blot); volumetric est. of MW; protein purification w/ NH4SO4 and affinity chromatography; Salmonella typhimurium LT2 auxotrophic genetic assay; F' plasmid conjugation and phage vector transduction; deletion mapping; and Ames test (under Dr. Ames); DNA purification & quantification; PCR; 32Pi hexokinase assay.
Other extensions courses ( Berkeley / Santa Cruz): MS Windows 95/98/NT Systems Programming Fundamentals of
COM/DCOM Programming Introduction to SAS System Jianmin Liu , PhD

University of Wisconsin at Madison, Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science
Bachelor of Science (two full majors), 1985-1989
database management (UNIX/C, SQL, INGRESS, QUEL, and MINOS); combinatorics; topology(551); software architecture (UNIX/C); linear, complex (321), & DEq (319) analyses (9 units); theoretical computer science; artificial intelligence (LISP & OPS-5); organic chemistry w/ NMR spectroscopy; simplex method; machine language (HP9000/300 and VAX11/780); abstract algebra (541 & 542), calculus (521) and logic (571) (12 units); data structures (pascal for Mac); computer OS (UNIX/C); and statics.

University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee Basic Science for Pre-Engineering, 1984-1985 Deans's List
Economics, mathematics, chemistry, and physics, FORTRAN programming (EVAX); 39 units.

Green Bay Southwest High School

Top ten in school all three possible attempts at the American Mathematics Test. First place in school junior and senior years.
Two silver and one bronze medals on math team.