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Chess Yoga
2004 - present

San Leandro Unified School District
2011 - 2012
Substitute Teacher

Oakland Unified School District
2006 - 2007
Substitute Teacher

University of California at San Francisco Department of Ophthalmology
Richard B. Crook, Ph.D. Pharmacology and Physiology Laboratory, July 1994-August 1995, May 2000-Dec 2002.
86 Rb + uptake (used as an analogue for potassium) radioactive tracer assay was performed on ocular NPE & PE using sterile mammalian cell culture technique. Assayed samples using gamma and scintillation counters. The major proteins responsible for potassium uptake in these cells have been established to be the NaKCl cotransport plasma membrane molecule, inhibited by bumetanide, and the NaK-ATPase pump protein, inhibitable by ouabain. Since the majority of uptake is abolished when both bumetanide and ouabain are added, ouabain-insensitive counts were usually used to asses NaKCl cotransport function. Showed b -AR and dopamine receptor regulation of NaKCl cotransport function via PKA and cAMP using Radioimmunoassay. Determined NaKCl cotransport protein levels using 7.5% SDS-PAGE electrophoresis and western blot. Showed importance of protein kinase C (PKC) using phorbol, 12-myristate, 13-acetate (PMA). In the CPE cultured cells, protein phosphatase 1 (PP1) inhibition by calyculin A can induce catastrophic whole cell translocations at levels above 50nM, but starting from 1nM, where cotransport activity is basal, it increases by 60% at 10nM activity. Of course, at calyculin levels >50nM, cotransport decreased, but this was probably due to reduced protein levels, as shown by a modified Lowry assay in the method of Peterson (Analytical Biochemistry 83, 346(1977)), via the loss of cells, as observed in light micrographs produced by a Nikon microphotographic system.

San Francisco Unified School District
January 2000 - September 2001
McAteer HS: 9 th grade Integrated Mathematics and 10 th - 12 th grade Advanced Algebra: extended substitute role;
wrote quiz and test; gave quarter grades. Numerous short term MS assignments.
Early Field Experience at Mission HS: 9 th grade general science and 12 th grade Health class.
Susan Boshoven, ESL/Science Teacher.

Monteagle Medical Center
June 1998 - January 1999.
Installed Windows 98 software, prepared medical presentations, and corrected medical documents.
Maintained contact information database.

Acacia Biosystems, Inc.
May 1998.
Implemented VB software to enable segmentation of Multimek scripts and 1536 colony omnitray no grow nomenclature facilitation
utilizing LAN. Operated Multimek automated pipetter and Carl Creative plate stacker robots that required VB interface.
Monitored increased pipette tip use due to throughput increase.

USCA Student Cooperative
January 1990 - August 1994
House and AdCom Council Member.
Interpreted Bylaws on the central administrative committee. Central food warehouse. House committee minutes secretary for 2 years.
General office and maintenance work.

Biocircuits Corporation
January 1992 - May 1992
Organized biotechnological literature for Scientific Vice-President.

The Waisman Center
January 1989 - August 1989
High theoretical plate basic cleansing was performed, followed by autoclaving and high temperature baking to ensure that equipment was nucleic acid free as well as sterile. Prepared solutions.